Plan Options

At the moment, you can purchase our Pro membership plan on a trial basis or in full.  Both plans give you the same access, the only differences are the price and length of time you gain access for.  


Pro Trial

The trial plan is currently being offered at a rate of $15.95 for five days of Pro access for first-time subscribers.  For returning customers, the trial price is $19.95.  Once your trial period is over, the account will renew into the full plan by default. You can, however, cancel your plan at any time to prevent the renewal. 

We do allow users to purchase more than one trial plan.  If you would like to renew into a second trial after your first plan is over, contact our support staff and we can make that change for you.  You can contact us using the "Chat" window at during operating hours or by e-mail at


Pro (Full)

The Pro plan costs $59.95 and will give you access for one month to our premium tools.  This plan is also set to auto-renew, though you can cancel your plan to change that.


General Info

When you sign up for one of our plans, the billing period will expire at the exact time of day on your final day of membership.  For example, if you signed up for our full plan on January 2nd at 11:30 am ET, the plan would expire on February 2nd at 11:30 am ET.


What's Included?

  •  The full and trial plans include access to NFL, NBA, PGA, NHL, and MLB tools
  •  Pro projection models developed by Justin Phan, Jonathan Bales, and Peter Jennings (CSURAM88)
  • The ability to create your own custom projection models and backtest its effectiveness immediately against our database of results
  • An optimizer that will create an optimal lineup based on the settings of the model you are using
  • Our trend tool, which you can use to identify data patterns, look at historical matches, and find current matches
  • Premium DFS analysis

If you are interested in learning more, we have a library of video tutorials here.

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    cant even sign up for a payment option.  keeps saying need a email address and there is no where to put it

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    I would like reactivate on pro trial at 15.95/ 5 days


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