Cancelling Your Membership

Our membership plans last for the entire billing period regardless of when you set your account to cancel.  For example, if your account is set to expire on January 5th, 2016 and you cancel your account on January 2nd, 2016, you will still have Pro access through January 5th. However, you will have set your account to non-renew at the end of the billing period.  This means that on January 5th, your Pro access will be terminated automatically.  You would not receive further charges from FantasyLabs at that point unless you manually reactivate your membership at a later time.

To cancel your account, go to "My Account>Subscriptions".  Here, you will see your plan details, along with "Change Plan/Cancel" options.  Choose "Cancel" to set your account to non-renew at the end of the period.


NOTE: If you have trouble accessing the Subscriptions page or have any other questions, our support staff can set your account to non-renew on your behalf.  You can contact our support team by opening the "Chat" window at during our operating hours or by sending your request to


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